You can mark terms for a per-section glossary like this:

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In this case, the word potrezebie is inserted in the glossary that you will find at the end of this section. In the main text, you would find potrezebie set in a dark red color. Glossary terms link to their entry in the glossary list and vice versa.

You may also mark a glossary term like this:

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In this case, the phrase "imaginary contraption" appears in the glossary as explanatory text for the term "potrezebie." (We do note, by the way, that there was a time in the previous millennium in which the term potrezebie appeared in certain forms of humorous litereature).

To instruct Noteshare to display the glossary, put the code :glosssary: somewhere in the section. The glossary will appear at the end of the section.



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imaginary contraption

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