The Spoon and the Wine Bottle

This mock essay illustrates many of the toos used to write text using Asciidoc markup.


This document can be read in two ways: (a) as a semiserious essay on science, belief, champagne, and related matters, or (b) as an example of how one writes documents for Scripta.

Scripta is the web authoring and publishing app that you are looking at right now. It uses Asciidoc, a markup language, to structure, shape, and render the authors words. For the essay itself, read on. For more information on Asciidoc, click on the red text below, or click on the letter G above (in the menu bar). It will take you to the User Guide.

Asciidoc: Sample document
As a training document, the present essay shows how to use the Asciidoc markup language for common writing needs: section titles, italic and bold text, footnotes, quotations, links to web pages, etc. The basic idea of any markup language — markdown, LaTeX, whatever — is that you add little "codes" to the actual text to shape its structure and appearance. To best understand this, Click on the X button in the the view selector control bar as illustrated in the figure below; This way, you will be able to view the source and rendered text at the same time. The source text is what you write. The rendered text is what you offer your readers. By comparing them, you will quickly get the hang of it.


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Figure 1. View selector

Use the view selector, as illustrated in Figure 1, to choose the document view that is best for you. Hover over a button in the view selector to see a description of what it does. Or better, just click on it. The experimental method in action! Where is the real view selector? Look to the upper left:-)