Scripta User Guide


This section is under construction.

Users have levels of privilege and annual fee.


During the development phase, there are no annual charges. Our aim in any case is to keep them low and affordable for individuals once the site is a going concern. The price schedule is a subject of ongoing conversation among the members of the development team:-)

Commands not implemented yet are marked with an asterisk.

Table 1. Individual rate schedule


Annual fee




Same as non-signed in user



Can manage their own node, participate in groups



Can form and manage groups



Can form and manage up to N nodes; additional nodes at a cost to be determined.

Level one commands

add document:1242

add the document with ID 1242 to the current node.

remove document:1242

remove the document with ID 1242 from the current node.

Any user can execute these commands for his own node. Node owners and administrators can also execute this command.

join group:reading of user:alpha*

Join alpha’s open access group reading

join group:secret of user:alpha using code:456qq*

Join alpha’s restricted group secret using the access code 456qq.

Level two commands

In this section, we assume the user is logged in with screen name alpha.

create group:foo

create a group named alpha_foo.

remove group:foo

remove the group alpha_foo.

add document:123 to group:foo

add the document with ID 123 to the group alpha_foo with read-write permissions.

add document:123:read_only to group:foo

as above, but with read only permissions

remove document:123 from group:foo*

remove the document with ID 123 to the group alpha_foo.

list groups

Display a list of the user’s groups.

Documents not found.