Scripta User Guide

Asciidoc 101

In this section we discuss the bare minimum that you need for common writing tasks — in-line formatting such as bold-face and italic, dividing your document into sections, making lists, cross-references, etc. To begin writing, just go for it; write like you would write an email. To make a paragraph, add one or more blank lines before it.

Be sure to start your paragraph at the left margin, with no leading space.

In-line formatting


Write bold-face text like this: *bold-face text*.


Write italic text like this: _italic text_.


To get this, write *_get this_*.

highlighted text

To make your text look like this, write it like this:

#make your text look like this#


To obtain mono-spaced text, write

`mono-spaced text`


References to a web site can be inserted verbatim, as in

or they can be "dressed up", as in this example:

For a dressed-up link, add a title in brackets right after the URL:[Prime Number Theorem]



Precede a section heading by ==, a subsection heading by ===, and so on, like this:

== Introduction

== Conservation Laws

=== Energy

=== Momentum

Be sure to start the = right at the left margin. To automatically number sections, put the code


before the first section to be automatically numbered. To turn automatic numbering off, insert the code


numbered lists

Here is a numbered list

  1. Eggs

  2. Bacon

  3. Strawberry Jam

    You write it like this

    . Eggs
    . Bacon
    . Strawberry Jam

    Each item begins with a dot at the left margin.

itemized lists

Here is an itemized list

  • Eggs

  • Bacon

  • Strawberry Jam

You write it like this

* Eggs
* Bacon
* Strawberry Jam

Note. There is a formatting bug the prevents the bullets from being shown. — I will correct this as soon as possible.  — Jim

Verbatim text

Verbatim text is "as-is" text with no formatting. Here is an example:

  is verbatim

It appears exactly as written and is rendered in a font different rom that in the main text. One way of writing a paragraph of verbatim text is to begin the first line with a space. Sometimes this is want you want to do, but often it happens by accident. If your rendered doesn’t looks odd, you probably started it with a space.

Another way of writing verbatim tex is to write a block of text "fenced-in" by the code ----:

  This is
         verbatim       text

Definitely useful for writing computer code and avant-garde poetry.

Be sure to "balance" codes like ----. If you write the "opening code", you must balance it with a second, "closing code". Just like with parentheses. If you don’t do this, you will have to debug your text.



Images can be uploaded to Scripta by clicking on the image%3A%3A3b37d6af577a7fe2a272 image black icon. When you upload an image, its ID number will appear next to the image%3A%3A3b37d6af577a7fe2a272 image black icon. Place your cursor where you want to place the image, then click on the ID number. You can also search the image database for images to use. The image below was inserting by writing image ::458[]

894252393 original

There are many ways to control formatting, e.g.,

image ::458[width=200],   image ::458[float=left],   etc.


Audio is treated in the same way. Thus the code

audio ::56[]

renders as

This is an excerpt from Chopin’s posthumous Nocturne n C# minor.


Video is uploaded in the same way as images using the image%3A%3A3b37d6af577a7fe2a272 image black tool. Thus the code

video ::22[]

renders as

This video, which represents a random process in two space dimensions and two dimensions of color, was created using Processing, a computer language for producing still and moving images.


To insert a Youtube video, get its embed code, e.g. EsTgr-n53Ow?, then insert like this

video ::EsTgr-n53Ow?[youtube, width=575,height=350]

Here is the result:

Merkin Concert Hall, February 9, 2014

Sonata for Cello and Piano, by George Oakley
Jay Campbell, Cello, Inga Kashakashvili, Piano


The same principles apply to videos on Vimeo. To place the video below,


video ::111593305[vimeo]

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